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Oliver Knussen (1952-2018)

Thu. 24 September 2015 ©Rikimaru Hotta

On receiving the sad news of Maestro Oliver Knussen's passing, we, TMSO, would like to express our sincere condolences.
Maestro Knussen was scheduled to conduct the No. 861 Subscription Concert on September 22, 2018.
The past two collaborations with him remain a wonderful, unforgettable memories for the TMSO.
Maestro's untimely passing is a great loss to the music world.
Message from Kazushi Ono, Music Director of TMSO

Dear Olly,

I would like to thank you from all of my heart for your fabulous musical dedication as a composer and a conductor as well as a man beloved by Apollo.
Hoping you are dreaming of the distant twitter of your Hototogisu.

Kazushi Ono